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Reservations At The Point, LLC was established in August of 2004. The company started with the purchase of a condo at Sonoran Sea Resort. The two owners graduated from college and decided to make an investment together. After much hesitation and months of research, they decided to purchase unit at Sonoran Sea Resort.

Since one owner had an internet company which specialized in search engine optimization and website design, they decided to build a website. The purpose of the website was to get renters for their new unit. It started with an occasional online request to book a room at Sonoran Sea. Within months, people were asking about Sonoran Sea and Sonoran Spa reservations. The new owners did not know what was going on. It was all so sudden…..

A year later, they figured there was a market for online reservations in Rocky Point. Renters needed a RELIABLE, CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED, and TRUSTWORTHY website to book their reservations. Utilizing their expertise in sales and their knowledge of the internet, Reservations At The Point, LLC was born.

The first few months was a challenge. Both owners had full-time jobs. With customer service becoming a priority and business beginning to grow, they hired a close friend’s wife. Reservations At The Point, LLC had its first phone operator. She started with a cell phone and a smile. The rest is history!!

Reservations At The Point, LLC has grown into one of the top travel agencies in Rocky Point. With an amazing staff of over 10 employees, they continue to serve Rocky Point with a smile.

The future looks bright. They recently began a change from Reservations At The Point, LLC to Group Mexico. This will help them eventually expand into other areas of Mexico. The staff of Group Mexico continues to be the same amazing staff you have come to love.

We hope you enjoy your reservation but most of all, we hope you enjoyed our great service!!!